Blast / Paint Services


Media Blasting

Our media blasting service has proven to be one of the most versatile in Texas.

Here are just a few reasons why:

We use a variety of media, including walnut shells, corn husks, soda, glass, plastic and steel.


Full-service professional industrial and commercial painting contractor dedicated to preserving the life of your physical assets with high quality paints and durable, long-lasting industrial and commercial surface coatings.
We’ve earned a reputation as a premier commercial, institutional, and industrial painting contractor with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a superior work force.

With an ever-increasing résumé of industrial, commercial, institutional, and government contractor projects, our operation continues to expand into new areas of maintenance and new-build painting contracts.


Industrial Coatings

We have a great deal of experience with various types of coatings.  Originally, we started with primers and industrial enamels based on the single stage alkyd system.  This progressed to two pack systems with epoxy primers and urethane topcoats.  These have changed over the years so that induction times are no longer needed for the epoxy primers and the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) have been reduced with out a marked difference in the spray ability of the products.  We have used many 100% solid coatings for tank linings and vessels.  We cater to the customer demand for product and have sprayed products from a variety of suppliers.  With this vast experience of coatings we are able to meet a great variety of customer needs.